26 November, 2015

Episode 001 - Pre-Islamic Arabia I [Episode Guide]


Before Julius Caesar was assassinated in the senate, he had plans to go and conquer the Parthians. What would the world look like today if Julius Caesar had managed to add Persia to the Roman Empire the same way he conquered Gaul?

Episode 001 - Pre-Islamic Arabia I

In this episode we will start off by looking at Pre-Islamic Arabia and its geography. Visit the blog for the episode guide. www.historyofislampodcast.blogspot.co.uk

18 November, 2015

Episode 000 - An Introduction

Welcome to the History of Islam Podcast!
PLEASE NOTE: Due a technical issue this episode requires headphones to be listened to.
This episode is an introduction to the series where I cover a few points such as course of action.

10 November, 2015

Announce Date!

Option 1 for the Cover Art has won by far! So here is the podcast's final cover art:


The first episode will be going up on the 19th of November, and I'll post an episode every Thursday after that!

06 November, 2015

Cover Art Final Vote

The drafts have been whittled down to a final two, cast your vote for which one you prefer. Please keep in mind that the cover art is also the iTunes icon so it will also be viewed at a smaller (thumbnail) size. Bookmark this blog or subscribe through email or RSS using the links on the sidebar to stay updated, the release date will be announced soon!

Cover Art Vote!