16 April, 2016

Episode 014 - A New HQ [Episode Guide]

  Hamza ibn Abd-al-Muttalib
حمزة بن عبد المطلب 
 From the bani Hashim clan, most known for being the uncle of the prophet Muhammed. Renowned for his martial abilities, one of the early generals of Islam.
  • Muhammed ibn Abd-Allah
  • Abu-Lahab ibn Abd-al-Muttalib 
  • Abu-Talib ibn Abd-Muttalib 
  • Abd-al-Muttalib ibn Hisham 

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The Rise of Islam Guest Episode

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Staying Updated

Episode 014 - A New HQ

Apologies for the short episode, in the 14th installment of the history of Islam we continue exploring Muhammed's life. This episode Islam adds a notable convert to its ranks. Make sure to visit the blog for the episode guide: http://historyofislampodcast.blogspot.co.uk/