29 January, 2016

Episode Delayed

Unfortunately I have not been able to get Episode 9 published in time. This has forced me to reschedule it to next week Thursday (04th Feb.), hopefully this will not happen again. Till then, I hope you have a good weekend!

28 January, 2016

Episode Tomorrow

PSA: Episode has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, episode 9 will be published tomorrow, stay tuned!

21 January, 2016

Episode 008 - The First Few Chapters

In this episode we begin looking at the early life of Muhammed, and a few of the major events and developments in Mecca. Outro music courtesy of the AAC, visit the blog (categories/index page) for more information.

07 January, 2016

No Episode This Week

Unfortunately there will be no episode this week. Due to a sore throat I can barely speak, I tried but it just wasn't happening. Everything will return to normal next week, if you guys would like I can try to publish two episodes next week, if you want me to do this then let me know.

If you haven't already, I recommend you watch "The Message" a great movie from the 70s that I have already mentioned on the podcast. It is available, in both its Arabic and English versions, on YouTube.

Apologies, see you next week.