16 April, 2016

Episode 014 - A New HQ [Episode Guide]

  Hamza ibn Abd-al-Muttalib
حمزة بن عبد المطلب 
 From the bani Hashim clan, most known for being the uncle of the prophet Muhammed. Renowned for his martial abilities, one of the early generals of Islam.
  • Muhammed ibn Abd-Allah
  • Abu-Lahab ibn Abd-al-Muttalib 
  • Abu-Talib ibn Abd-Muttalib 
  • Abd-al-Muttalib ibn Hisham 

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The Rise of Islam Guest Episode

I did a guest episode for Paul Vincent's the "Myths and History of Greece and Rome" podcast, check it out here!

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    4. FYI most (if not all) christian religious denominations allow and encourage individuals to pray to God individually, i.e., no middle-man authority (priest, father, pastor, etc,) is required. Now to confess sins and seek absolution from those sins... Roman Catholics are, I believe, the most adamant about seeking absolution from a priest (I don't know what the Orthodox Catholic rites are), but even Catholics are walking that confession idea back a bit these days. I'm enjoying the podcast. I hope you continue indefinitely.

    5. Born into a Catholic family whose ancestrors probably became Catholic during Patrick's fourth century prostelitizing I was taught to pray directly to the god. Par of the teaching, as I recall (I left off believing during my full reading of the family bible at 17 - so things may have changed) I was also taught that god could be approached through intermediaries. So I would pray some times to Mary or Joseph or One of the saints to put in a word for me to the god. Of course I also prayed to Jesus who, being god, was not actually an intermediary but could feel like one.

      In confession, as I understood it, you did not ray to the priest or through him. You confessed your misdeeds and the priest, who studied on god for a living, would know what kind of penance god would accept. That was, for me, always some set of prayers. I would leave the confessional and say my prescribed prayers - directly to the god.

      Long years after leaving that traditional belief system, or a beliefs in any magical creator, I realized that this system where you are asked to truly look at your own behavior, realize and acknowledge where you had made mistakes and then tell another person was, I still believe, psychologically healthy.


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