19 October, 2015

Cover Art Drafts!

I've personally whipped up 10 drafts for the podcast cover art, and 3 extra have been made for me thanks to those guys, their usernames will be in the titles on the imgur album.

Please tell me which ones you like best so I can figure out which one to use, or how I could make some improvements and tweaks for a better cover. Thanks!

Follow this blog to get updates on the project, release date is yet to be confirmed however I'm expecting the first episode to be published in November.

Also want to ask you guys if I should open a Twitter account or subreddit for the podcast?

If you need to contact me for whatever reason drop a comment here or email me on:


(Direct link to the imgur album)
The History of Islam Podcast - Cover Art Drafts


  1. The first one is fantastic! The second is really nice too, but the title get's kinda lost. I'd go with the first one. You'll be able to see the title clearly in podcast apps.