04 February, 2016

Episode 009 - Enter Khadija [Episode Guide]


We have gone over trade in an episode guide in the past, but I would like to take the opportunity of trade being mentioned in this week's episode to post 2 additional maps that I have found since then.

Maritime Trade Routes in the Mediterranean (Destiny Disrupted, A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes - Tamim Ansary)

Trade and Travel Routes in the "Middle World" (Destiny Disrupted, A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes - Tamim Ansary)


This video allows you to truly see how tall the Ka'aba, and more importantly how high the door is elevated from the ground, look at the size of the staircase required to access the Ka'aba!

Ka'aba Plan as of 2009 (Wikimedia Commons)

The "Hatim" section, on the right hand side of the image, today is an open space and not really part of the Ka'aba structure. This is a remnant of Quraysh's renovation of the Ka'aba that we mentioned in this episode. Originally the Ka'aba was more rectangular, what today is the "Hatim" used to actually be part of the structure.

 Ancient Ka'aba Conceptual CGI #1

  Ancient Ka'aba Conceptual CGI #2

 Ancient Ka'aba Conceptual CGI #3

The 3 images above (taken from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfBfm7EgdS4) show what an ancient Ka'aba might have looked like. 
  • the clearing between the Ka'aba and the first row of houses
  • the idols populating the clearing, this is where people would sacrifice animals to their favourite idols
  • the lows wall
  • door is at ground level
  • more rectangular structure

Clans & Genealogy

The lineage of Muhammed & some related families (Muhammad - Maxime Robinson)


Tracing Muhammed's Lineage (Muhammad; His Life Based on the Earliest Sources - Martin Lings)

The groupings of clans that worked on each wall (Muhammad; His Life Based on the Earliest Sources - Martin Lings)

[bani=sons of/descendants of]
*wall attached to the blackstone
  • Wall being worked on
    • Clan
      • Who is the person the clan is named after
  • Northern Wall (yellow)
    • bani Abd-Dar
      • Abd-Dar - a son of Qusai
    • bani Asad
      • Asad - a grandson of Qusai
    • bani Adi
      • Adi - Qusai's great uncle
  • Eastern Wall* (green)
    • bani Abd-Manaf
      • Abd-Manaf - a son of Qusai
    • bani Zuhra
      • Zuhra - Qusai's older brother
  • Southern Wall* (red)
    • bani Makhzum
      • Makhzum - a cousin of Qusai
    • bani Taym
      • Taym - Qusai's uncle
    • other minor Qurashi clans
  • Western Wall (blue)
    • bani Sahm
    • bani Jumah
      • Sahm and Jumah are brothers, they are Qusai's 2nd cousins.

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  1. Hello! I enjoyed learning about Khadija, her success in business, and how other women navigated the systems of trade and culture by employing men as their agents representing them. I'd love to learn more about the women in Islamic society... What value did they bring to the society? Did their roles change and evolve, or was it fairly static throughout the Islamic timeline? Where there any female "role models" or leaders so to speak that other women or the community at large looked up to?

    I'm loving the podcast and how you mix history with good story-telling. I also appreciate the variety of sources you post on the website. It makes for an engaging learning process. Thanks for your hard work!

    1. Thank you for you message, glad you are enjoying the podcast!

      I'll definitely keep your idea in mind as a topic for the future.