25 March, 2016

Episode 013 - Quraysh Take Action [Episode Guide]

(Amrou ibn Hisham)
 أبو جهل
(عمرو بن هشام) 
Described by many as the "Pharaoh" of Islam. A member of the powerful Makhzum clan, his name at birth was "Amrou". Due to his promising talents, he soon became known by the nickname "Abu-al-Hakam", the father of wisdom. A staunch opponent of Islam, due to this, the followers of Muhammed were quick to label him "Abu-Jahl", the father of ignorance. 
  • Ikrimah ibn Abi-Jahl
  • Walid ibn al-Mughira 
  • Khalid ibn al-Walid  

Abu-Sufyan ibn Harb 
أبو سفيان بن حرب 
A member of the prominent clan of Abd-Shams. After Muhammed's hijra to Medina and his establishment of an independent state there, Abu-Sufyan eventually became the effective leader of Mecca, heading Quraysh's struggle against Muhammed and his new Medinese allies. Eventually he would convert to Islam and his sons would establish the Ummayad empire/caliphate. 
  • Mu'awiya ibn Abi-Sufyan 

Umayya ibn Khalaf 
أمية بن خلف 
  Best known as the slave master of the early muslim, Bilal ibn Rabah. Umayya was a member of the clan of Jumah. 
  • Abd-al-Rahman ibn Awf

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