09 December, 2015

Episode 003 - Pre-Islamic Arabia III

In this episode we will continue looking at Pre-Islamic Arabia, this time we will take a look at trade. Visit the blog for the episode guide. www.historyofislampodcast.blogspot.co.uk


  1. I've just started listening to these and they are amazing! I've been listening to them back and forward from uni and they are really thorough and informative I feel like I am learning so much! Please keep it up you are doing amazing work and I would like to learn more about this amazing period in history, well research - Safiye

  2. So good to listen too. I must admit i am a huge dan carlin fan but he doesnt cover islamic history. If i could make a suggestion i would say have a listen to dan carlin, the way he animates the story and changes tones makes it all the more interesting to listen to. If there was something i feel could be better in these pod cast it would be the use of tones. Have a listen and see what you think. Dan carlin hardcore history.