24 December, 2015

Episode 005 - A Son of Quraysh II [Episode Guide]

The Big Five

In al-Tabari's history there are 5 main responsibilities that are highlighted when Qusai was handing over the reigns of power to his son.
  • الحجابة - al-Hijaba
  • اللواء - al-Liwa'
  • الندوة - al-Nadwa
  • السقاية - al-Siqaya
  • الرفادة - al-Rifada

The Tax (الرفادة/al-Rifada)

This was a tax paid to Qusai directly, which he would use to provide food and water for any pilgrims to the Ka'ba who needed it.

The Ka'aba (الحجابة/al-Hijaba)

The physical possession of the Ka'aba and the keys to it. With this came the authority to allow or deny access to the Ka'aba and also the responsibility of maintaining the Ka'aba, for example making sure the Kiswa, the cloth that covers the covers the Ka'aba, looks good and is in good condition, and paying for when it needs to be changed.

Here is a video of the Kiswa being changed in 2013:

Dar-al-Nadwa (دار الندوة)

This was the residence of Qusai, but it also served as the nucleus of the tribe of Quraysh where they conducted all their affairs and where all the decisions were made.

Francis E. Peters in his book "Muhammad and the Origins of Islam" says:

"These affairs included all community activities from political acts like declarations of war to religious rituals, circumcision, and marriage rites. 

The Standard of War (اللواء /al-Liwa')

Qusai had the final say on whether the standard of war to be tied and prepared, Quraysh could not declare war on any external entity without the approval of Qusai himself, cementing his position as Commander in Chief.

Water Rights (السقاية/al-Siqaya)

The importance of water in Arabia cannot be overstated, naturally Qusai made sure that he had complete control of any water sources. The Siqaya right also included the privilege of being the sole provider of water to pilgrims, this monopoly could be very lucrative.  

Direct Download

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*Music used at the end courtesy of the Andalus Arabic Choir

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