17 December, 2015

Episode 004 - A Son of Quraysh I [Episode Guide]


Tracing the lineage of the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ 

Muhammed son-of Abdallah son-of Abdulmutalib son-of Hashim son-of Abdmanaf son-of Qusai son-of Kilab son-of Murrah son-of Ka'b son-of Lu'ay son-of Ghalib son-of Fihr son-of Malik son-of alNadr son-of Kinana son-of Khuzaima son-of Mudrika son-of Elias son-of Mudar son-of Nizar son-of Ma'ad son-of Adnan

Genealogy wise, at the time of the Prophet Muhammed ﷺ, what all the members of the tribe of Quraysh had in common was that they were all descendants of Fihr.

At the time of Qusai's conquest of Mecca, one the early sources mentions that the sons of Khuza'a (i.e. the tribe of Khuza'a ) were more numerous than the sons of alNadr in Mecca.

Please note that anything beyond Adnan is not authentic.

Here are a couple images from various sources showing the genealogy of the Quraysh tribe.

Genealogy from Muhammed to Adnan

(Muhammad; His Life Based on the Earliest Sources - Martin Lings)

The Tribe of Quraysh

Muhammed's Relatives (The Venture of Islam Vol.1 - Marshall Hodgson)

Quraysh (Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World)

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  1. Thank you for the history

  2. Thank you for the history

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